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Foundation Surveyors are an independent firm of RICS accredited Chartered Surveyors in London. We have a professional, multi-disciplinary team of experienced property experts who can provide a wealth of in-depth property advice and a range of specialist services for commercial and residential property clients.

From our offices in North London, we offer the full range of RICS home surveys including Condition Reports, HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys. As RICS Registered Chartered Valuers, we can provide accurate valuations for both residential properties and commercial premises.

We are Party Wall specialists with an expert team of party wall surveyors covering Greater London, and have many years’ experience of advising leaseholders and freeholders on Lease Extensions and Collective Enfranchisements.

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Investing in property is a big financial commitment that should only be made with the full facts available. At Foundation Surveyors, we can provide detailed insights into the condition of the property you are thinking of buying, including any specific areas of concern.

We have 3 different RICS Home Surveys available to assist you in making the right purchase decision. With our extensive local knowledge of the property market in the capital, our professional surveyors should be your first port of call.

We have a dedicated Valuations Team with substantial experience of undertaking market valuations in London. Our RICS Registered Chartered Valuers will provide accurate and independent valuations for commercial and residential properties and diverse property portfolios.

Contact Foundation Surveyors for market property valuations for a wide range of requirements including inheritance tax and probate, valuations for insurance or matrimonial purposes, assessing rent reviews and business rates.

As experienced Party Wall Surveyors in London, we are familiar with all matters pertaining to the Party Wall Act 1996. The Act sets out the legal process that must be followed before building works and alterations affecting a shared boundary between two adjoining properties can begin, in an effort to safeguard the interests of both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner.

If you are planning to undertake work that falls with the scope of the Party Wall Act, or have been served Notice by your neighbour regarding proposed works that may affect your property, please contact Foundation Surveyors for free initial advice.

As Lease Extension specialists, we are highly experienced in representing freeholders and leaseholders in transactions involving the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 and the Leasehold Reform, Housing & Urban Development Act 1993.

Speak to Foundation Surveyors for lease extensions and ground rent reductions, including full inspection valuations and negotiations with landlords and their solicitors. Our easy to use Lease Extension Calculator will give you a good first indication of what the cost is likely to be.

For leaseholders interested in exercising their right to jointly buy the freehold of their property, we can advise on all Collective Enfranchisement matters. Homeowners can benefit from greater control over the maintenance and management of their property, and add to the value of their property asset by eliminating future lease extension costs.

We have helped numerous clients in London, representing both freeholders and leaseholders in often complex negotiations over the premium to compensate the landlord for their loss of future income.

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RICS Homebuyer Survey

If you need an experienced chartered surveyor to help determine the condition and value of the property you wish to buy, then the RICS Homebuyer report is your best option. We have the RICS qualified surveyors that you need to put together a homebuyer report for any property in London.

Full Structural Survey

If you need a RICS registered surveyor to help you with structural issues or an issue with the condition your property is in, we have you covered. Our Building Survey Report will give you an in-depth insight of the condition of your property so that you can know exactly where you stand. There are no better property surveyors in London.

RICS Condition Survey

When determining a property’s condition, it is important to have a condition survey to check for significant issues. Get the highest quality property surveyors in London to asses the property. Give Foundation Surveyors London a call right away.


Are your surveyors RICS qualified?

The highly trained team of experts at Foundation Surveyors is capable of handling a wide range of property services for our clients in the London area. Each of our RICS qualified surveyors is able to offer in-depth advice and guidance on a large variety of property related matters.

Do you cover commercial or domestic properties?

At Foundation Surveyors in London, we provide specialist property survey and valuation services for commercial and residential properties of all shapes and sizes. Our professional team of building experts can also advise on party wall matters, lease extensions and collective enfranchisements across Greater London.

Why choose our surveying services?

While there are plenty of Chartered Surveyors in London, we believe that Foundation Surveyors are a cut above the rest. We are RICS Registered Chartered Surveyors and Valuers and take great professional pride in delivering excellence to each and every client.

Our Chartered Surveyors in London combine many years of traditional surveying practices with innovative technology, to allow us to provide a market leading service that is tailored to your individual requirements.

Whether you are looking for a London property valuation or building survey, specialist lease extension or collective enfranchisement advice, or technical guidance on a party wall issue, our friendly, experienced RICS surveyors are highly responsive and can be contacted at 020 8133 9517 or

When do I need a Party Wall Surveyor?

The Party Wall Act 1996 applies to building works proposed along the boundary between two adjoining properties, excavations within set distances of shared or adjoining structures, and alterations of a party structure. This could be a loft conversion, digging a basement or other building extension.

As a Building Owner, a Party Wall Surveyor will help you draw up Notices to be served on Adjoining Owners and prepare a Schedule of Condition to protect both parties from potential damage to their properties as a result of the works. The surveyor will also prepare a Party Wall Award to regulate the manner and timescale of works covered by the Act.

Who can apply for a statutory lease extension?

As a leaseholder, you have the legal right to extend the lease on your property, provided that you have owned it for a minimum of 2 years, there are at least 21 years left to run on the current lease, and the property is not owned by a charitable housing trust.

By following the statutory process, you will be able to achieve a lease extension of 90 years and have your ground rent reduced to zero. The legal process surrounding freeholder compensation is complex and you are strongly advised to instruct an experienced lease extension surveyor and conveyancing solicitor to help you negotiate the best premium.

Is a property valuation the same as an estate agent’s appraisal?

A formal valuation carried out by a surveyor or qualified valuer is not the same as the figures given by an estate agent. The latter is intended to win your business as a vendor and the value given may be overly inflated for that reason.

Even where an estate agent gives honest figures based on their knowledge of the local property market, their valuation is not bound by the same professional standards and technical, fact-based calculation criteria that a RICS accredited valuer must apply.

How much does it cost to buy my freehold?

The statutory procedure for Collective Enfranchisement follows a prescribed route, while the cost of compensating the landlord for the loss is made up of three elements: the loss of ground rent from the flats, the loss of reversion, and 50% of the marriage value where applicable. ‘Marriage value’ is the increase in the value of the property arising from combining the leasehold and freehold interests for situations where the unexpired lease term has fallen to below 80 years.

There are two approaches to calculating a Collective Enfranchisement Premium that are detailed here.

lease extension calculator

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