RICS Condition Report

The RICS Condition Report will give you an overview to help you understand how the property was constructed, the condition it is presently in, what if any serious problems there are, what needs attention now and whether any further inspections are needed before you commit to the purchase. This relatively new report was created to give you an economic report capable of providing you with the kind of details you need that a Mortgage Valuation cannot.

This will provide you with a clear picture and understanding of the exact condition of the property that you are planning to buy. A Mortgage Valuation is not the same thing as a survey. The RICS Condition Report will give you a clear and concise evaluation of the condition of the property. This is your independent survey, for your eyes only, and not your Lender’s. A section of the report offers advice for your Solicitors giving a written summary of any potential risks associated with the purchase of this property.

We use an easy to interpret coding system laid out by the RICS to outline any major defect(s) consisting of familiar traffic light symbols of red, amber and green, to rate individual aspects of the property, highlighting any areas of concern. Our report will cover all areas of the property and all aspects of the purchase, risks as well as legal considerations.

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