Foundations Surveyors are regularly appointed as Expert Witnesses, to provide impartial professional opinions, where a dispute has arisen between two parties.

Our team of Chartered Surveyors have specialist knowledge and experience to act as expert witnesses and are able to pursue third-party cases on your behalf.

We are Commercial and Residential Survey & Valuation experts, providing robust expert witness reports and advice for a number of purposes, which include:

Our expert surveyors are regularly appointed by one party to the dispute or by both parties as a Single Joint Expert in adjudication, mediation and litigation proceedings, providing oral and written evidence on a variety of disputes.

Our Chartered Valuation Surveyors and Chartered Building Surveyors are experienced in undertaking Expert Witness Reports and are familiar with CPR Part 35 Protocol, for submission to a court, tribunal, arbitrator or any other third-party adjudicator,

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, particularly in legal cases, we, therefore, pride ourselves on an efficient and expedient service, providing reports within the timeframe and format required.

Our reports provide a basis for the solicitors and legal teams involved to pursue or defend the case, as well as identify issues that the Court will consider when reaching a verdict.

We often prepare inspection reports on behalf of Tenants, and Landlords who have been subject to litigation proceedings due to alleged Housing Disrepair issues.

We regularly provide consultancy and support services for both public and private sector clients. Our clients include local authorities, social landlords, housing associations and private landlords of all types.

If you or your solicitor are dealing with a property legal issue, which requires survey or valuation dispute resolution, and would like a professional opinion and expert witness support, please contact us today.