Market Value

Foundation Surveyors have conducted numerous valuations for Building Societies, High Street Banks, Private Banks and many other lenders. This has given us tremendous amount of experience over the years. We communicate closely with our lenders. We fully understand the all the key information required by lenders and assist the lenders in making an informed loan decision.

We are the experts!

When we are hired to give a valuation for our lender clients, our goal is to provide a balanced and objective assessment of a given property’s suitability for securing the loan.

When we are hired to give a valuation for you, our goal is to provide an accurate valuation of the subject property, supported by robust comparable evidence. 

Foundation Surveyors are a RICS Regulated company and every team member is a RICS Registered Valuer.

Every valuation that we undertake is in compliance with RICS Valuation Professional Standards Red Book. Banks and lending institutions must be sure that any property they are providing a mortgage on qualifies as suitable security.

You will always receive an accurate valuation, undertaken by a valuer that is working locally. All our chartered surveyors understand the loan criteria established by lenders, thus helping to ensure the manageability of the risk being undertaken. 

If find yourself in a lucky financial position where you do not require a mortgage to purchase a property, then it is wise to have the subject property valued by a highly qualified and experienced RICS registered chartered valuation surveyor. This will ensure that you are not paying too much for the subject property.


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