Leaseholder Valuation Tribunal Services

What and Why?

Foundation Surveyors provide both Leaseholders and Freeholders with clear, well-informed, impartial professional advice. Foundation Surveyors believe the Tribunal to be the last resort. The Notice procedure and process allows the parties six months to arrive at a settlement through negotiations, which is exactly what we strive to achieve.

Should a settlement not be agreed to by that time limit, the Leaseholder has no choice but to file an application to the Tribunal. Often this application acts as a holding position on behalf of the Leaseholder, as there will be several more months to attempt to reach agreement with the Landlord on a settlement before a Tribunal date is finalised.

If a settlement cannot be agreed, the Tribunal will issue directions to both parties declaring provisional dates for the hearing. The parties are free to pursue negotiations and come to agreement up to the day of the hearing. Foundation Surveyors have the knowledge and experience to offer Leaseholders and Freeholders, balanced and well-informed valuation advice.

The Landlord’s goal is to achieve the highest price and the Leaseholder’s goal is to pay the least. However both parties must be realistic in what they expect to achieve because the appointed valuer is obligated to present evidence in an unbiased manner to the Tribunal. We invite you to call today or to complete the contact form provided so that we can explain how we can represent your interests at the First Tier Tribunal.

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