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Our team of RICS-certified Chartered Surveyors have been working with residential and commercial properties for many years, assisting buyers with property surveys, valuations and leasehold agreements all over London.

One of the services that we routinely carry out is inspections for HomeBuyer Reports. These reports are a Level 2 RICS survey, designed to investigate a property at surface-level and document any defects or causes for concern for the buyer’s consideration. Few properties (even new-builds) receive a clean bill of health, but the information contained in a HomeBuyer Report should arm the buyer with enough knowledge to happily proceed with the sale, renegotiate the asking price with the vendor or arrange for a specialist to investigate major problems.

Property in Haringey

In November 2017, Foundation Surveyors undertook a HomeBuyer Report for a building in east Haringey, near Tottenham Hale. Nestled between Crouch End, Hornsey and Tottenham, the London Borough of Haringey has been tipped for considerable price growth in 2018. Current house prices are a little below typical London values, with last year’s sales averaging around £653,000. With very little land available in the capital, property value increases are being sought through gentrification and redevelopment, with Crossrail 2 set to make Haringey a more attractive area than ever before.

The property we visited was a Victorian end-terrace house that had been converted into two separate flats. Our surveyor was inspecting the exterior and the 2-bedroom ground floor unit.

Overall, we found the property to be in mixed condition. From what we could observe, the roofline and chimney stack appeared to be sound (however it should be noted that for the purposes of a HomeBuyer Report, the surveyor will only inspect from the ground). The rainwater goods also appeared to be in good working order, although given the spell of dry weather it was recommended that another check be carried out during heavy rainfall.

Areas for concern included:

• High moisture readings in main walls (damp)
• Missing bricks and damaged pointing, potentially allowing the ingress of damp
• Timber framed windows showing signs of rot and decay
• Loose internal floorboards which, combined with high moisture in the walls, may indicate a weakness in the timber
• No evidence that the electric meter or central heating boiler had been recently inspected

All of these areas have the potential to seriously affect the safety of the building, which is why in the report you will find recommendations that they be investigated further and urgently addressed.


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