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How much is your lease extension likely to cost?

Foundation Surveyors have an easy to use calculator designed to give you a good indication of the likely cost of your lease extension.

The price will depend on multiple variables, including the value of their flat, the length of the lease, the capitalisation rate, deferment rate, the ground rent and negotiation skill.


The lease extension calculator cannot make adjustments for Leaseholder’s improvements, non-standard lease terms, rising ground rents, landlord’s reasonable legal costs, valuation costs or any other factors that might influence the amount of premium that would be payable. We invite you to contact us to obtain an accurate valuation.

The total lease extension premium is estimated between
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The first question most Leaseholders have on their mind is, “How much is my Lease Extension going to cost me?”

To easily answer this, we have created a handy Lease Extension Calculator so that you can obtain an early estimate of what it will cost to extend your lease. Simply fill out the pertinent information and our Lease Extension Calculator will go to work to give you a reliable estimate.

Leasehold properties are diminishing assets; by extending your Lease you gain the long-term security of tenure, which allows you to fully benefit from any future rise in the value of your Leasehold property.

If you have owned your flat for over 2 years and the current unexpired Lease term is over 21 years, you are likely to be entitled to a 90 year Lease Extension under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993. This means that you are able to extend your Lease by 90 years and simultaneously reduce your annual ground rent to a peppercorn.

The less time you have remaining on your Lease, the less its worth, and the more you will have to pay to extend it. The critical point is 80 years, once your Lease term drops below 80 years; the cost to extend your Lease will rise significantly.

Foundation Surveyors are expert Lease Extension Valuers. We have numerous years experience in carrying out Lease Extensions for both Freeholders and Leaseholders. We are always happy to offer free initial advice for all Lease Extension inquiries.

Please try our free and easy to use Lease Extension Calculator to give you an instant estimate of how much your Lease Extension is likely to cost you.

Our Lease Extension Calculator is the most accurate online Lease Extension Calculator. Most online Lease Extension Calculators cannot accommodate for short Leases, whereas our Lease Extension Calculator can.

The data used in our Lease Extension Calculator is based on Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) data, which is used by most professional surveyors. Our Lease Extension Calculator will give you the most accurate estimate of how much your Lease Extension is likely to cost.

For your convenience we offer both Desktop Lease Extension Valuations and Full Inspection Lease Extension Valuations, no matter where you are in England, we can certainly help with your Lease Extension Valuations.

Our Prices are highly competitive. Please give us a call today so that we can help you with your Lease Extension.


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